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R.T. Hudson SDA Elementary School

Enrollment Checklist

Application Fee (new students only) $40

Registration Fee $350, Early Registration $250 (May 1st through June 30th)

Completed Application

    • Parent/Guardian Demographics
    • Code of Conduct
    • Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Transcript/Current School Records
  • Medical Records (form)
  • Completed Health Forms
  • Immunization Record (copy)


  • Financial Information
  • Financial Responsibility Contract
  • Fundraising Contract

Early Care/ After Care Enrollment Form

Recommendation Forms (3)

Church Membership Verification Form

Emergency/ Transportation Consent

Lunch Application

Supply List

Library Card Application

 Financial Information

Application Fee:

All new students are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $40.


A registration fee of $250 (May 1st through June 30th) or $350 (starting July 1st) is charged for each student and is due at the time of registration. The registration fee includes: Orientation, Practice and Skill materials, Technology, Standardized Tests, Student Insurance Fees, and other miscellaneous fees.

Book Fee:

Preschool——————-$100           Kindergarten—————–$150       Grades 1-8 —————-$200

Tuition Rates:

Constituent Church Students —————————————————– $290 per month for 10 months

Other SDA Students —————————————————————– $320 per month for 10 months

Non-SDA Students —————————————————————— $340 per month for 10 months

Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten ————————————–$320 per month for 10 months

Early Care Services ——————————————————————-$25 per week

After Care Services ——————————————————————-$20 per week

Tuition Payments:

All tuition payments are due the 5th day of the month and should be made payable to R.T. HUDSON SDA SCHOOL. Tuition charges are applicable throughout the school year as indicated above. Tuition fees are delinquent 10 days after the scheduled payment. Student suspension will occur 5 days after the account becomes delinquent. All accounts must be cleared by your scheduled payment in June; no testing, final grades or transcripts will be released until the account is paid in full. A late fee of $30 will be applied to each account for each month the tuition is paid after the 15th.

Discounts for early payment

A 10% discount will be offered for full payment of the annual tuition, ten (10) months, at the time of registration.